The big finish, San Diego, saving the best for last!








It has taken me a long time to come to grips with the fact that my journey is over, well at least for this year. I have wanted to write this post for a while but knew once it was done, so would I be. Well it’s time to move on, and I have say the 3-Day could not have picked a better place to finish their year. San Diego was the most amazing walk of the whole season! First, I had my daughter along for the ride, second, of the first 40 miles at least 75% of it was along the Pacific Ocean, simply beautiful. The energy from everyone was infectious and I had conversations with so many wonderful people along the path. I once again was so humbled by how people treated me for the journey I was on, a constant flow of hugs and tears greeted me everyday. So many called me a hero, or said they were incredibly proud of what I was doing, but to me I was just following a voice inside. Somehow my Martha had guided me towards this 3-day journey, and I had the most amazing opportunity to tell her story to thousands over the summer. I do not see myself as special, only a man that missed his wife and wanted people to know what an angel she was both in life and after.
This was a walk of goodbyes and the blessing of good friends that joined me. Ally and I were joined by five couples from Minnesota that decided to join us on Saturday for a good portion of the walk to support us and to see what this whole 3-day thing was all about. What they saw was an electric community of people that are united in this fight against breast cancer. I know they were there to support us and to honor Martha, but my hope is that they will return of their own volition either to walk or the support of a walkers efforts. One of those couples really put in a special effort this year, Hope and Jamie Scannell were there in Boston, in Philadelphia, and to finish with them in San Diego was very special. Over these three events they walked 60 miles total and have earned the victors shirts that I have provided them. Thank you guys, you are amazing!
Saying goodbye to my Komen family was the toughest though. The love and support that these selfless individuals showed me over the summer helped heal me in ways that I am sure they have no idea of. I would love to name them all but I know I would miss some and I could not live with that. You guys know who you are, from taking care of my stuff, to morning hugs, from front of line treatment to getting a bus to move when it shouldn’t. The favors, the smiles, the honest friendship is something that I will carry with me forever. God bless you all, you will be a part of my heart as long I can breath. There were others as well, the amazing crew, my coach Maggie, and even the folks that sold the buttons, Brij and Brian. A bond was formed with all that I will continue to come back to each year. Brian and I had a little “bromance” that is evident in the attached video, something Brij said was just wrong in so many ways!! Hey, it’s the 3-Day, anything can happen!!
Thank you San Diego for making this such a great finish. I will be back!!!

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3 Responses to The big finish, San Diego, saving the best for last!

  1. LOVE!! LOVE!! LOVE!!! Your pictures are great and my faves are the ones with you and Ally. What an accomplishment that you should be so proud of. I am jealous of your journey this summer and loved that I could stalk you along each route….I hope to see you next year, in Minneapolis!!! Again, as always, it was my HONOR to have met you in Cleveland and I think of you often and feel so blessed that our paths crossed. Trying to work it out with Katie, but if she cannot make it I think I will make the journey alone…and very happy and honored to do it. I will be in touch! BUT, in the meantime you keep your head up, enjoy the holidays with your beautiful family and I look forward to seeing you in 2014!!! xox

  2. JOan says:

    You’re a good man, John! Martha is smiling from heaven. You are keeping her alive in everyone’s hearts, even to those of us who never had the pleasure of meeting her.

  3. Brigitte says:

    John, I cant believe I am just seeing this hilariously awesome bromance video of you and Brian! I laughed so hard my sides hurt! Thank you for all the amazing memories last year! You are a shining star! We are so excited to see you again very soon!!! ❤ ❤ We love you!

    Brij and Bri

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