San Diego 3-Day 2015 “who knew?”

The San Diego 3-Day was once again the end of the season highlight. The weather was perfect, and the route is still the best, I will never tire of walking along side the ocean. To make it even better we had great friends join us. Nancy, Eileen and Erick from Washington DC, and Jen from Cincinnati. This same group invaded the Twin Cites last year, and decided to keep the fun rolling! Joining us was my new love Lisa, who was now becoming a Minnesotan, after having moved from her native Michigan back in June. Lisa and I met walking in Chicago in 2013, and quickly realized that a special angel had made the ultimate set up. This was never more evident than on Saturday, under the tent I was given the opportunity to once again honor my Martha. I spoke about how this amazing woman had prepared me for my next life, one that I did not want or expect to happen. She let me know that she not only saw me with someone new, but that it could be for another 30 years. The words she spoke I will never forget, “and it’ll be OK”, I still shake my head at her unselfish love for me. Well, turns out she was right. I did meet someone, and I could see it being for another 30 years. It was time to make it official, and I could not have a better place than in front of my Komen 3-Day family. I brought Lisa to the stage, asked a big question, and got the answer I had hoped for. Even the San Diego newspaper picker up the love story, We spent our Sunday being congratulated by so many wonderful people. People that understand the journey I have been on, people that have seen the light that Martha shined on us all, people that we will always call friends. Once again thank you 3-Day community for helping heal a heart in desperate need. We’ll see you on the trail next year!


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