When one Sun sets, the other will rise

Earlier this year I had the prophetic experience to be on each Florida coast within a few weeks of each other. While on the gulf side I witnessed an amazing sunset. Then just a few weeks later I was on the east coast witnessing an incredible sunrise. For the sunrise I was walking along a moon lit beach waiting for the sun to start everyone’s day when I came to a simple revelation. These two events, the sun setting and then rising above this beautiful water were so symbolic of my recent life.  I was overcome with emotion as I stood facing the eastern sky, I could not help but think about how my viewing these so close together represented so much. The sunset forever etched in my mind the symbolic end of a beautiful era in my life, my life with Martha. We had an amazing journey, two wonderful children, and a life that will always live in my heart. Seeing the slowly fading colors of that western sky reminded me of how I watched Martha’s life pass before me. I will never be able to watch another sunset without thinking about our life together, and that’s a wonderful thing. Facing the sunrise I saw my new life rising before me, Lisa has brought joy back into my life. I cannot imagine where I would be if I had not had the good fortune to meet her along my Komen journey. I will never be able to watch another sunrise without thinking about the life I have yet to live with Lisa, and that’s a wonderful thing. It’s still amazes me how life can turn, and I am constantly reminded of the pain it can cause while at the same time delivering a message to live. It’s still easy for me to ask why me, but then I know everyone that is stricken with this awful disease asks the same question. That is why I can never give up this fight, I will continue to walk, run, and raise money for a cure. Because every sunset, every sunrise should bring joy and hope, and life without fear.

With this, I start my 4th year walking…….

20131012-173433.jpg   www.milesformartha.org

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