In flight, closer to an angel

I am in flight back to home, listening to music, watching the puffy clouds pass by and it suddenly hits again. Tears well, and it’s all I can do to not break down in front of those around me. The music opens my soul to my love above and the one waiting for me to enter through the door. This life is such a mystery, I can’t help but feel for my Martha, not for myself, but for her. Why is she missing all that is around us today? Our kids ups and downs, the friends and I that miss her dearly, and the amazing life she laid out for me. I feel for Lisa because of how she shares this heart, without complaint, with just compassion and love. I am so blessed, while at the same time carrying a weight of memories. As the clouds surround me I can only feel the love of my angels above, and below. At this moment, I miss them both. Yet I feel the touch of you all.


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