Thank you October!


It’s November 15th, half way through the month and it’s easy to see that the Pink from October has already faded away. The NFL and others that wear it so prominently have neatly packed it up for another year. For myself and many others, the awareness of Breast Cancer never fades, we are fighting, we have fought, and some have lost. I am always appreciative of the “Pink” movement for the month, but it also saddens me as it begins to drop from view. The need is so ever present and will need the time and talents of many to continue the quest of eliminating this dreadful disease. I walked in Atlanta in mid-October for another amazing 60 miles, this time with a group of ladies that I will call friends for life. Feet to Beat Breast Cancer took me under their wing, allowed me to open up, and they did in return. The result, they brought Martha back to me for 3 days. To this team, it’s simple, “I Love You”. They like so many others live Pink all year round, they realize the size of the need and will never give up. As I prepare to walk in the final event this weekend in San Diego with my new wife, my new life, I realize that it’s not just the raising of the money or the walking for the cause. It truly is a way of life to help educate and create awareness all year round. I am blessed to have been touched by so many lives, that the only way to repay their kindness is pay it forward. Thank you October for giving me another family in Atlanta, for helping others realize the enormity of it all, and for reminding me to never stop.

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